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"The natural innocence is corrupted by the evils of society"


it seems like everyday im getting fatter…but also everyday my hair is growing a bit longer and im learning more about things i didnt know and more about my friends and everyday im learning from mistakes and i can pet more puppies and try new foods and grow in my knowledge about who i want to be as a person…so just because everyday one negative thing might be happening, there are way more positive things happening and thats what i want to focus on

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They on that next level shit tho!


They on that next level shit tho!

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" Mondays are fine. Its your life that sucks."

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And I still recall those words: 

"You write so beautifully. The inside of your mind must be a terrifying place."

omg why do u still go on tumblr

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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

literally my life story

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